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Best Neighborhoods for Families in Baton Rouge, LA

Baton Rouge is a great place to live and one of Louisiana’s top cities. The state of Louisiana is family-friendly and has lots of neighborhoods where you and your family can call home. In this guide., we’ll look at some best places to live in Baton Rouge for families. From north Baton Rouge to downtown Baton Rouge and anything in between. You’ll find amazing communities that reside in Baton Rouge that are both safe and offer family friendly neighborhood activities.

We have compiled some of the best neighborhoods for families in Baton Rouge, LA. Check out our list but be sure to ask your real estate agent for additional insights about which neighborhoods in Baton Rouge are family friendly.

Highland-Perkins Baton Rouge

The Highland-Perkins is an excellent place to stay with plenty of parking space and dog-friendly venues for families. It is quite chilled and one of the safest neighborhoods to live in north Baton Rouge. While the community is tight-gripped, the residents give warm welcome to neighbors. Housing at Highland-Perkins is quite affordable with an estimated property price of $319,000 and housing rent at around $950.

This community has an equal number of buyers and renters as the pricing is fair. Also, Highland-Perkins is good for families as it is close to educational facilities and universities. You can easily transfer your kids to a nearby university such as Louisiana State University on Highland road, Alpha University, and other colleges in baton Rouge, LA.  The neighborhood has close by amenities like the City Park Lake, Mississippi River, Zee Zee Gardens, City Parish government buildings, etc.

With a population of 96,527, Highlands-Perkins is a bustling community with a larger chunk of the population aged 20-24. This means the community is family-friendly and your kids will definitely make some friends when you move to Highlands-Perkins community.

Brownsfields Baton Rouge

Brownsfields is an excellent neighborhood for families with fewer people than other communities. If you want a place with a sparse urban community, head over to Brownfield. There are a few cases of crime activity in Brownsfields but most residents say it rarely affects the family. It’s community is conservative and focused on development.

Everyone is working towards clearing pollution, opening jobs, and making sure folks have something valuable to do. In this neighborhood, the median home value of $128, 625 which is a little more than the average in most states. However, the suburban neighborhood’s rent value is reasonable at $989.

Baker/ Zachary Baton Rouge

Baker and Zachary border each other and have been named one of the safest cities to live in Louisiana. Bakes takes the first place while Zachary is ninth is a list of top 10 produced by BackgroundChecks. The population of both cities combined is a little over 30,000 and the neighborhood is quite close-knit. Moving to Baker and Zachary is an excellent thing as it gives you that countryside feel with an easy access to the city. You can still go for a family weekend getaway to nearby places like the Baton Rouge Zoo, Zachary Historic Village, Greenwood Community Park forest, and others.

Zachary is a school-focused city but is mostly high-schools and elementary and middle schools are replaced by one or two grades in whole schools. The main school is Zachary High School and has top education standards for your kids. If you fancy a city that you’ll grow with , Baker is the best option. The city has grown tremendously in a few years. There’s a buzz in constructions and developments bringing in more homes, shops, and even a movie theater.

If movies and the hype is not your thing, maybe you can head over to Zachary Farmers Market and look for Dirt Cheap shop. The shop has lots of clothes sold at deals you can’t even imagine. The Antique crossroads has plenty of art selections, furniture, and other antique stuff. It is literally a treasure hunt while there and can turn out to be a fun activity with family. Plus, another antique shop, Sisters Antiques, is just a mile away from crossroads.

Garden District Baton Rouge

The Garden district is a perfect place for families and it has lots of historic homes and dining spots for families. There are lots of green spaces in the neighborhood and you’ll find top family-friendly spots and parks. Garden District is a great education center hosting some of Louisiana’s top high schools and universities.

Garden District’s neighborhood is divided into three historic districts including, Roseland Terrace, Kleinert Terrace, and Drehr Place Historic District. The historic districts have well-preserved homes with among them bungalows, Tudor style houses, and colonial themes. Plus, for those looking to rent these beautiful homes, expect to pay as little as $800 per month.

Garden District is a few miles away from some of Louisiana’s bustling city attractions and top events like the St. Patrick’s Day. As the name suggests, the Garden District is green with lots of nature’s best creations such as oak trees and azalea gardens. The neighborhood has enough walkways and lanes for morning runs, walks, and aerobic exercise. Garden District is a superb choice for families who’d fancy an organized community.

Southdowns Baton Rouge

Southdowns is a family friendly neighborhood that gives you the full view of Baton Rouge’s busy streets. It cuts across some of the busiest streets in town. Southdowns has a population of around. It is a family friendly spot though a little busier than most neighborhoods in this list. While the area is best for home-owners, there are several rentals filled with college students from the nearby campus. Southdowns is an interesting neighborhood scattered with small parks, subdivisions, and plenty of restaurants.

It hosts a number of popular shopping centers from Acadian Village to Acadians-Perkins Plaza. The homes at Southdowns are a mix of new and old constructions. In terms of events, this bustling neighborhood hosts one of the most family-friendly events, the Krewe of Southdowns Mardi Gras parade.  It starts with traditional floats, plenty of entertainment, fancy balls, and more. Kids will definitely enjoy Mardi Gras, especially when they discover the traditional King Cake.

The average renting value at Southdowns is approximately $1200 a month. Commuters have the luxury of using Interstate 10, although the intersection at College Drive all the way to Perkins road can easily turn into a traffic nightmare. But if you have been to baton Rouge, you won;t be surprised as it happens in other areas like South Foster Dr, Hollywood St, and some intersections at Airline highway. Apart from the nerve-cracking traffic, Southdowns is an excellent place to move in with family.

Mid City Baton Rouge

Mid City is hands down the most sought after neighborhood in Baton Rouge. It is carved out by Government Street in the middle of Jefferson Highway and downtown. The northern part of MidCity is busy and has popular restaurants, markets, and chill spots. Over the weekend, you can visit a few social spots such as the Market at Circa, White Light Night, and Red Stick Social.

Mid City in Jefferson Hwy is an artistic neighborhood and the buzz slowly turns into a laid back vibe as you head to the south. Mid City is generally full of young professionals and singles, but of late families have moved to the community. It is near a few schools both elementary, middle, and high school.

Rent at Mid City is affordable as well with housing costs as low as $700 a month with those along Government Street a bit higher. Mid City hosts a few local events and art hops. If you love festivities around the area, Mid City has bars with local bands and social places with family-friendly concerts.

Old Goodwood Baton Rouge

If you want to stay close to Baton Rouge’s goodies, Old Goodwood is definitely the neighborhood to be. Located between Airline Highway and Jefferson Highway, Goodwood is in a perfect location close to the City Farm business park., East Baton Rouge Parish Main Library, and other local amenities.

The historic neighborhoods in Old Goodwood have been known to have larger spaces and backyards. Oldwood’s subdivisions aren’t fully developed, so there is plenty of space for expansion in the city. Crime rates in this area are incredibly low thanks to high community policing. There’s a fair number of schools in the area although you can choose others bordering Old Goodwood. Just like Mid City, Old Goodwood rent is affordable and cheaper than most apartments in Louisiana. Expect to pay as low as $720 a month for a studio apartment in Old Goodwood.

While Old Goodwood’s median age is 40s, it has a budding community of young professionals looking to start a family. You can experience this blend of old and young at top spots in the area like Velvet Cactus, Gambino’s Bakery, and Towne Center.

If you are considering making the move to a family friendly neighborhood in Baton Rouge, LA, contact the professionals at Northshore Moving Company to ensure that your move goes off without a hitch. Our professionals are more than happy to handle all of the heavy lifting so that you and your family can spend less time carrying boxes and furniture and more time settling into your new home. Give us a call or fill out an online contact form today to request a free quote for your upcoming move.

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