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Cost of Living in Abita Springs, LA

The town of Abita Springs in Louisiana is a wonderful place to live. It appeals to those seeking a quiet lifestyle. 

We highly recommend it if you’re moving within the United States and are looking for the perfect place to live and raise children.

But, what is the actual Abita Springs cost of living? How do these costs weigh against other small American towns? 

Well, lucky for you we’ve created this complete guide to find out more about the expenses for living in Abita Springs so you know what to expect for your next move. We’ll take a look at factors such as schooling, housing, and others too. 

Let’s jump right in.

Abita Springs Cost Of Living

The heart and soul of Abita Springs is the town circle. This is where you’ll find a great atmosphere of a small town coming alive. 

With plenty of local attractions such as the famous art and farmers markets, parks, playgrounds, and the Abita Brewery, you’ll soon find yourself engulfed in the charm of the country lifestyle.

There are approximately 2,500 people living in Abita Springs, so you can be sure of that small-town vibe. Even more appealing is that the cost of living in this town is 2% lower than the national average. This is one of the many things that makes Abita Springs an attractive place to live.


One of the biggest factors to account for in calculating the cost of living in this town would have to be the housing expenses.

You’ll be happy to know that the total cost of housing here is  8% lower than the national average. The average price of homes in Abita Springs is $198,900. This is well below the average home value of $217,500 nationwide. 

Renting Or Buying in Abita Springs 

In terms of renting, only 14% of homes in Abita Springs are rented out to tenants, while a whopping 86% of homes are bought and owned by the citizens of Abita. 

If you’re looking to settle down somewhere with your family, then now more than ever is  a good time to buy a house in Abita. To buy a house in town, you should look at budgeting for anywhere between $200,000 to $250,000. 

Slidell is a popular neighborhood where you’ll be able to find an affordable home. 

If you choose to rent a home in Abita Springs, you could always save some money by renting the space with a friend. This way you’ll both be responsible for chipping in towards the rent and other associated costs. 

Selling homes in the desired area automatically increases their value, so you might want to consider looking for somewhere on the outskirts if you’re strapped for cash. 

Abita Springs has a variety of styles of homes available for you to live in. You can choose to stay in a historic home, subdivisions, and even townhomes, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit no matter your preferences. 

Living Around Abita Springs 

Some of the best places to live around Abita Springs are Mandeville, Madisonville, and Pearl River. 

What’s great about these places is that they’re barely an arm’s stretch away from the center of Abita Springs. So you can still enjoy all that the town has to offer while saving on your monthly expenses by moving a few miles away. 


Generally speaking, the utility prices to factor into Abita Springs cost of living are 6% higher than the national average.

Home Air Conditioning

Louisiana can get extremely hot in the summer months, so you’ll probably have your air conditioner running around the clock to make up for it.

You can expect to experience a slight increase in costs during the warmer months. Most people living in Abita Springs have access to air conditioning in their homes, which results in an increase in your energy use. You can work around this if you opt to install new, energy-efficient cooling options or invest in passive cooling methods for your home.

Not only will this decrease the amount you spend on your electric bill each month, but it’s also better for the planet as you won’t be using expensive, carbon-emitting natural resources to cool your home.

After a hot summer, the temperature in town is usually low, which means that the costs decrease. 

Garbage Disposal

The eco-conscious among you will be happy to know that the town has a contract to ensure that your trash gets disposed of safely. This is great because it helps to ensure that the town will always be kept clean and looking pretty. 

Just make sure to sort your trash into two distinct piles, one for all the recyclables and another for your general garbage. 

This is a free service issued by the town’s Public Works and Waste Management Department, so it doesn’t need to be added to the overall cost of living for this area. This is a great consideration that makes Abita Springs an attractive option for many. 

Most metropolitan towns charge extra for waste collection and recycling, so it’s good to know that it’s included in your general expenses.

Food And Groceries

On average, Abita Springs cost of living for food & groceries are 4% lower than the national rate. For contextual purposes, the average cost of food per month for the typical American household is roughly $550 per month. 

In the town of Abita, a single adult can get their hands on a great, tasty hamburger for roughly $4, and a gallon of milk for roughly $2 to $3. 

This works out great for couples with kids who are looking for affordability when it comes to groceries and food each month. On the flip side, it also works out well for any young singles living in the area who are trying to have a good time while sticking to their monthly budget for food.

If you’re looking to spend a night on the town, there are plenty of options to keep you busy without breaking the bank. 

Abita is famous for the Abita Brew Pub where not only is the beer on tap real good, but their solid menu of crawfish cakes, burgers, and other tasty treats is sure to please you after such a long day outside with the family. 


In terms of transportation in Abita Springs, you’ll be happy to hear that expenses such as bus fares and gas are 1% lower than the national average.

Workers Who Drive To Work

In Abita, most people choose to drive to work in their own vehicles. On average, people living in this town spend $1.91 per gallon for gas.

Surprisingly, this is significantly less than the national average of $2.22 per gallon. That’s a difference of 13.9% on gas alone. 

What’s more, thanks to the low crime and accident rate in town, you can also expect to spend less on your monthly insurance premiums. There are plenty of insurance providers in town, so feel free to shop around and find the best deal for you.


Medical expenses are another important factor in your Abita Springs cost of living expense calculations. 

Louisiana is ranked number 26 on affordability for health care services across states. Despite this average performance on the state level, you’ll be glad to know that the town of Abita has a 7% lower rate than the national average for healthcare. 

If you’re a family that has children aged anywhere between four and eight years old, your healthcare expenses living in Abita are expected to amount to anywhere between $10,400 to $10,500 a year.

This factors in visits to the doctor, dentist, and even the optometrist to get your eyes tested and a prescription set of glasses. 

In the United States, healthcare costs for two children per year average in at around $15,850 so you’re saving more than $500 if you plan carefully. 


As we’ve mentioned before, Abita Springs is the perfect place for a family-orientated lifestyle. The town is small, so there are only two public schools that you can choose from for your kids.

Abita Springs Elementary School is a renowned school for young children. On average, this school has a student-to-teacher ratio of 18:1. This is higher than Louisiana’s state average ratio of 17:1. 

To pay for all this individual attention, you should budget around $10,100 per child in school. While it might seem like a lot, it’s more than $2,000 less than the national average so you’re actually saving money.

As parents, you always want to make sure that you are giving your kids the best education that they can get. Well, moving to Abita Springs will give your child just that. This town’s schools have an average test score of 83%. This is much higher than  Louisiana’s rate of 66% and the national rate of 48%.

Abita Springs Elementary School is placed in the top 20% of all schools in the state for its overall test scores. So, there’s no doubt that your child is getting a good quality education in this school, and any other one in the town. 

In general, Abita Springs has a 91% rate for people who’ve managed to complete the eighth grade, a 90% rate for students in the town who’ve completed high school.

What’s more, 39% of residents have obtained a Bachelor’s degree. Abita Springs’s high level of education is part of what makes it such an attractive town to live in.


Of course, if you’re considering moving to Abita Springs, you’d want to know that you’ll be able to find a job and provide for your family, right? Well, luckily for you, this town has a 13% higher income per capita compared to the national average.

In Abita Springs, the average income for a single household is approximately 15% higher than the national average. 

You’ll also be pleased by the fact that the unemployment rate in Abita Springs comes in at an average of 34% lower than the national average. And poverty in this town is 56% lower than national averages. 

The top three fields of employment for male workers in Abita Springs are the wholesale and retail industry with 15% of the town’s male workers in these fields. Coming in second is the construction industry that has 11% of male workers present in this field, and lastly the public administration field which has a total of 7%.

For women, on the other hand, the top three fields of employment to look for work in are education, health, and social services. Next in line are wholesale and retail services, and lastly in public administration.

With that in mind, it helps to know what you can expect to earn working these jobs.

The most recent census indicates that the average individual income in Abita Springs is just over $32,000. Households take in a little less than double this amount, coming to just over $62,000.

Cost of Movers in Abita Springs, LA

One of the biggest costs associated with moving, outside of closing costs and other taxes and fees, is movers. The cost of hiring movers in Abita Springs can vary greatly depending on a few different factors. Essentially it boils down to how long it is going to take to handle the move, and how far you are moving. If you are moving across town the cost of movers will be much lower than if you are moving to California.

Like most other things in Abita Springs, you can expect movers to be cheaper here than in other larger cities. For example if you hire Queens Movers it will cost far more than when you hire movers in Abita Springs. This boils down to the costs associated with operating a business in Louisiana vs. New York City. If you are interested in receiving a quote for your upcoming move contact Northshore Moving Company today. We will be more than happy to provide you with a free estimate for your moving needs.


Once everything’s been totaled and calculated, Abita Springs cost of living score is 92.2 out of 100. Towns with a total score below one hundred are cheaper to live in than most other towns in the United States.

This small town has a great, authentic American feel, topped with a little bit of Southern charm.  With its scenic waterways and emphasis on a family-orientated lifestyle, we believe that you’ll be happy to make this town your new home.

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