NORTHSHORE MOVING COMPANY now offers insterstate and long distance move and delivery.
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Taking Your Business To The Next Level!

Moving an entire business or office to a new location is much easier said than done, right? It is much different than a residential move. We know this all too well. There are hundreds of things that can go wrong when transitioning a business from one location to the next, and costs can easily start adding up!

There are only two ways to achieve a successful move in our honest opinion; with a well-thought-out plan, or… without one!

This is where professional moving help can help. Northshore Moving Co. specializes in two main areas when working with commercial businesses; logistics and relocation.

Managing logistics and inventory

This is where our years of preparation, training, and experience all come together and stand out! Our first priority is making sure there’s a process in place to manage and track all of your inventory throughout the move. This is just one of the many critical elements that must be taken into consideration.

Moving your business to its new location

Our dedicated team of commercial moving professionals will work closely with you and your business to establish a game-plan. This plan will dictate and include needs such as (but not limited to); packing, crating, inventory management, tracking, transportation, and reassembly.

As business owners ourselves, we understand that when your business is packed away in boxes, there’s no money coming in! This is why our ultimate goal will always be to have your business back up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Do you still have questions? No problem!…let our team help answer them. Reach out to our team with your questions or request an estimate, we’re happy to discuss your requirements.


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Northshore Moving Company helped hundreds of families have a smooth transition process from start to end. We offer various services that fit your needs. From residential to long-distance moves, storage and specialty services we got you covered!

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